Moving of machinery

Experts on moving machines

Our company is a specialist in moving machines and has many years of experience in this field. We can move not only machines, but any equipment, both large and small. E.g. presses, machining centers, press brakes, etc. The maximum weight of machines we are able to move is 50 000 kg. 50 000 kg.

We provide not only moving from facility to facility, but also moving of machines in halls or industrial complexes. We anchor the machines and set them up in your designated place. We can handle all of this even in hard-to-reach areas where moving technology such as cranes cannot be used. Machines, equipment and the route must be observed before moving of the machines. Our experienced and professionally trained workers perform moving using transport trolleys.

There is no machine or device that we could not move.


What is our accident insurance amount?

CZK 50,000,000 for damages caused by assembly activities


Moving procedure

After sending your inquiry, our dispatchers will deal with you all the necessities very quickly. Just call our toll-free line or send an email. For more complex transports of heavy loads or machines, the executive of our company, who has many years of experience with moving the machines, goes directly to the consultation. Each machine being transported is specific, so we can find the most cost-effective and least expensive solution for you.

  • E-mail:
  • Morys, Company manager
  • Tel.: +420 739 094 599


Our company has several heavy-duty handling chassis and jacks, thanks to which we transport heavy machinery or assembly and production lines gently.
We are able to carry all heavy pieces without weight limitation all over the Czech Republic and Europe. For example, we move workshop machines, workshop equipment, backup and air conditioning units, boilers, medical and scientific equipment, ovens, whirlpools and other heavy items.


  • Wiring, disconnecting and reconnecting machines at a new location
  • Dismantling machine parts if it situation require
  • Modification of distribution lengths after moving, modification of accessories
  • Calibration, machine balancing
  •  Measuring and anchoring machines
  •  Cleaning of machines and tubs from unwanted dirt and oils
  •  Pumping fluids and oils out of machines
  •  Moving of factories
  •  Moving of things with excess weight



The actual execution of the order is preceded by a tour of the facility, where the machine will be moved. According to the evaluated situation, the price offer and the time schedule of the progress of individual works with respect to production will be processed. After the contract for work is completed, we document all the equipment or draw it into the layout. We carry out inspections and pressure tests on wiring and other services, such as draining liquids, disconnecting from distribution systems, including the dismantling of production equipment and subsequent disassembly and preparation for transport. Before transport, we clean, and grind residue left by the anchoring system. After placing the equipment, we will install it at the new location, together with its anchorage and connection to the wiring. After commissioning, a check production is performed to see if everything is running as it should.