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We provide complete deliveries of steel structures from production to delivery and subsequent assembly. It is not a problem to make steel constructions for halls, hangars, extensions or inbuildings into any facility. We have a wealth of machinery and extensive production and warehousing facilities, so we are able to meet every customer's wishes.

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Our professional team

Our employees have many years of experience in the repair and assembly of tech. facilities in the industrial sector from their work for the following specialist assembly organisations: Hutní montáže a.s.; Vítkovice a.s.; HLH Ingeniering s.r.o., etc.

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Ocelové konstrukce

Assembly of steel structures

We assemble steel structures for halls, extensions, built-in structures, crane tracks and technological steel structures (platforms, stairs, footbridges, railings). We also perform adjustments to crane tracks.

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Potrubní rozvody

Installation of pipe mains

We install and weld piping systems and facilities made from class 11, 12, and 15 steel, for the following media: water, air, gas, steam, condensate, technical gases, oil.

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Stěhování strojů

Moving machinery

We also offer to move and relocate machinery (presses, machining centres, press brakes, etc.), including in places where cranes cannot be used. The maximum weight of the machines we can move is 50,000 kg. We move machinery using transport carts.

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