Assembly of steel structures

For our company METALLURGICAL & STEEL SERVICE s.r.o. and its workers is easy to cope with steel structures.

Production, delivery, assembly

We provide a complete supply of steel structures, from production through delivery till final assembly. We do not have a problem to manufacture steel structures for halls, hangars or annexes to any kind of plants. We have a vast amount of machinery and large manufacturing and storage facilities available, so we are able to meet the wishes of every customer.

Additional steel structures

We also produce other technological structures such as crane tracks, platforms, footbridges, staircases, railings, pipes, ramps, energy bridges and other special steel structures. There is no problem for us even with a structure like the concert stage.

Assembly and other services

We provide a complete assembly of steel structures including their coatings. We employ qualified workers in the company who have many years of experience in the implementation of steel structures and their possible repairs. So do not hesitate and let us know if you need any steel construction.